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Rural Community Transformation Grant

Rural churches are places of unique strengths in their community. In our Wesleyan tradition, the rural church was the backbone of the community, making important and lasting contributions to rural places. Through the Community Transformation Grant program, we hope to encourage and empower rural churches to continue this tradition of community development.  

Community transformation can happen in many ways. Programs might seek to combat a specific need or challenge, like literacy, workforce development, or hunger. Or, they might seek to build on an opportunity that adds to the quality of life in the community, like cultivating artistic talent for the public. All projects serve as reminders that our rural communities are places of joy, life, and promise.  

Rural congregations and Districts in the Nashville Episcopal Area are eligible to apply. A list of rural congregations can be found here.  

Application process for the 2020 Rural Transformation Grant is now closed.
Read about last years winner here.  

How Eligibility is Determined:
Rural is hard to define, with government agencies and non-profits all adopting different definitions. In order to best serve the Nashville Episcopal Area, we define a rural church as any church that meets one of the two following criteria:

1) Be located in a county that is not designated as a metropolitan area by the US Office of Management and budget.


2) Be within a US Census Tract with a Rural Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) code of 4 or higher. A full list of eligible congregations is available here.